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The Apocalypse Challenge for Bon Voyage

The Apocalypse Challenge
updated for Bon Voyage

Published for play testing November 26, 2007
Includes Podcast, BBS, BoolProp, and email clarifications (conflicts underlined)
Compiled and edited by MaxiBuckle, edited by Apoca-borg Grammar Queens



The following is a set of harsh restrictions the family must obey. Each set of restrictions is tied to a specific career field. When a Sim reaches level 10 in that career field, that restriction is lifted. A single Sim may only lift one restriction in his or her lifetime.

• To lift all 23 of the main restrictions, it will take 20 different Sims and 3 different pets. (The Hopelessness and Alien Technology restrictions don't count toward the one restriction per Sim limit.)
• Each animal may lift only one Pet restriction
• Only Sims part of the bloodline and the spouses to heirs can unlock restrictions. Adopted Sims, spouses to non-heirs and Servos cannot lift any restrictions.
• The founder starts as a Young Adult in college. None of the restrictions applies to the founder in college, as the disaster has not happened yet.
• The college has a strict no-pets rule. Neither the founder, nor any Sims attending college afterwards may purchase them while there.
• Founders may bring up to 3 items back from college that were purchased with their own money. If the founder graduates, one of these three items MUST be the diploma.
• The founder may not start an off-campus business.
• The founder must leave college after 9 semesters. If the founder goes on academic probation, those extra semesters count against the 9 you are allowed.
o Founders who graduate on time (8 semesters), may stay for the full post-graduation period. (The 9th semester.)
o If the founder goes on academic probation once, but still graduates, he or she must return to the neighborhood immediately after graduation.
o The founder does not need to graduate.
• The family lot must be on a desert or dirt tile set.
• The founder may not give gifts to prospective spouses.
• You may not place the home family lot on a beach lot.
• When your founder returns to the neighborhood, move him or her into an empty 5X5 lot.
• Founders who joined the Secret Society may move into a Secret Society safe house instead. These are pre-built houses that have depreciated a bit, so they cost less than building the same structure from scratch. There are three safe houses to choose from. You can download the Bomb Shelter, the Shotgun Shack, or the Witch Hut. You may still opt to start on a blank lot if you want to.
• Founders and anyone who comes after are prohibited from raiding the Secret Society house and bringing objects that were originally there back to the Apocalypse Family house.
• If your family has broken any rule or restriction due to a rule change, you do not fail the challenge.
• Objects that were allowed that are no longer allowed due to a rule change may be sold via buy mode without penalty.
• If an object has no value, (such as a used up Aspiration Reward), you may delete it, regardless of existing restrictions.
• There must be no trees or shrubs on the lot when you place it.
• You may use the "level lot" tool before moving into your blank lot or safe house.
• No Sim in the household may sleep outdoors.
• After the founder has returned, any future Sim sent to college may not move into a dorm, and must move into an empty lot (any size). Young Adult Sims that come after the founder must obey any restrictions that have not been lifted yet.
• Neither the founder, nor any Sims that come after may found or join Greek houses.
• The ONLY Sims that may be moved into the Legacy family are Sims that will directly contribute to the birth of the next generation. (In other words, the spouse of each heir.)
• It's OK to move Bigfoot in (Bigfoot is unable to procreate).
• Spares may not take spouses and children produced by spares (via visitor woohoo or aliens) may not lift restrictions.
• If a Townie at the top of a career joins the house as a spouse and that career is not lifted, it is lifted instantly, no ifs ands or buts. If that career has already been lifted, the spouse can work on lifting a different career.
• If you wish to keep score, count the number of days your family is in existence once the founder returns from college. I find the easiest way is to write a tic mark down once per sim week.
• Cheats, mods, or hacked objects that would give you an unfair advantage over a player who didn't have or use them may not be used.
• You can use any custom object as long as its cost, ability and mood fulfillment exactly mirrors an existing 'official' object.
• If you have the Seasons EP, only one Jumbok IV and one Gootentaugen Award may be placed on the lot at a time.
• If you have the Pets EP, you must unlock the three pet restrictions to complete the challenge.
• To win the challenge, you must lift all 24 restrictions. The 25th restriction, Alien Technology, does not need to be lifted to complete the challenge.
• If you do accidentally break a rule, just fix your mistake - make up for it, and continue. As long as it was just an honest mistake, you don't need to consider failing the challenge.

Here are the restrictions you must obey:

The rules of the restriction are listed below.
What happens when you lift the restriction is listed in bold.



• You cannot move in or marry in any Sims or pets.

Once your founder reaches the top of a career, (ANY of the 20 careers, it doesn't matter which), he or she shows the region that the worst is over, and that things can and will begin to get better. A few Sims are even willing to risk traveling the streets to be with the regions new and only ray of hope. You may move-in/marry spouses for your founder and future heirs. You are still restricted to moving in only those who will contribute to the next generation.



• When you move the Apocalypse founder onto the home lot after college, change the weather on the neighborhood screen to Winter/Winter/Winter/Winter.
• Sims cannot StarGaze or Watch Clouds.
• Sims may not use telescopes (too cloudy to see anything).
• Sims cannot use the weather control Aspiration Reward, even if one was brought back from college.
• Items may not be placed outdoors. Everything must be covered by a roof or awning.
• Delivered items (newspapers, bills, Date/Outing Rewards) do not count for this restriction.
• Sims may not go on Vacation because the weather is too rough to permit flight.
• Only Sims in the Music career may use the Rock Hammer.

With a mighty chord and a mighty roar
The icy grasp of winter is no more

All of the Music restrictions are lifted.



• Sim children may attend school as normal
• Sim teenagers may not attend school at all.
• Sims may not attend college. (This restriction applies even if Military is lifted.)
• Sims may not teach other Sims skills via career rewards.
• Only Sims in the Education career may use the Bookshelf of Education.
• Sims may not Pass On learned Business Perks to other Sims.
• Any Child Sim that grows into a Teenager must roll for their new aspiration as per the Legacy Challenge rules.
• You may not change your sim's aspirations in any way.

The Sim who becomes an Education Minister rebuilds the region’s educational system, and even restores the old college back to its former glory. The Education restrictions are lifted.



• Career reward objects may not be used by any Sims at all. (They may still be placed on the lot.)
• Sims may not go on a tropical vacation until a top level Adventurer has recovered the charts and flight plans.
• Jumbok IV may not be placed until your Sim has topped Adventure.

The Sim who reaches the top of the Adventure career locates the stone's thief, the nefarious Dr. Vu. In a daring raid of Dr. Vu’s lab guarded by pirates, ninjas, ninja-pirates, pirate-ninjas and chartered accountants; your Sim makes off with Dr. Vu’s ill gotten gains. In addition to recovering the stone of Unga-Nunga, your Sim makes off with top secret technology Dr. Vu had hidden at the base.

The Adventure restriction is lifted. In addition, you may choose a single Aspiration Reward. You may now place and use this Aspiration Reward, even if Alien Technology is not yet lifted. This can only be done once, by the Sim who lifts Adventure.



• Sims cannot use the phone for any reason other than quitting their job.
• Sims cannot use the computer for anything other than "write novel" or "write term paper", even if the science restriction is unlocked.
• These restrictions are temporarily suppressed between the hours of noon and midnight every Tuesday.
• Sims are still allowed to answer phone calls that come to the house.
• Only Sims in the Gamer career can make use of the Gamer career reward.

Your Sim has a brilliant two part plan. After becoming a Game Designer, your Sim first creates a new MMO, and bases the servers out of the region. Second, your Sim masters the current MMO, and PK every single player on the servers constantly. People get so fed up and frustrated with the current MMO, they go looking for a new one to play. Your Sim’s new MMO becomes all the rage.

The server load that once tied up the phones is now gone. The Gamer restrictions are lifted.



• When Sims use the paper to Look for Job, they may only select the first of the three jobs that appears in the paper that day. The 2nd and 3rd jobs may not be taken.
• The paper may not be used at all for any other purpose other than recycling, composting or turning into a paper airplane.
• The jobs listed on the computer are not affected by this restriction . . . assuming you can use a computer.
• When Sims come home from college, they may take jobs that were listed under their majors, even if those jobs are not the first one listed in the paper or computer. This applies to the founder as well.
• The Journalism career reward may not be placed until both Journalism and Adventure have been unlocked.

Once a Sim becomes a Media Magnate, the the local paper is restored to its former glory, allowing the few industries left to announce their full job postings. The Journalism restriction is lifted.



• While the Law restriction is in place, the Slacker, Politics and Law Enforcement restrictions can only be suppressed. In order to permanently lift the Slacker, Politics or Law Enforcement restrictions, the Law restriction must be lifted first.
• Only Sims in the Law career may use the Litigator Podium.

The Sim who becomes The Law restores the code of laws to the region, and the foundation is set for other parts of society to be restored.

The Law restrictions are lifted.


Service Pet

• Once any Sim turns Elder, you may no longer issue any direct commands to them, nor cancel any of their actions. You may still cancel actions that would otherwise break another restriction (such as playing computer games). You may also direct Elders to quit their jobs if they happen to miss a day of work with the Slacker restriction still in effect.

Once a Pet reaches the top of the Service career, it helps the household's elderly. Interacting with a trained Rescue Pet heals the mental and emotional damage done to the minds of the Elders. They are slowly helped out of their cloud of senility and brought back to reality by their furry friends. The Service Pet restriction is lifted.


Showbiz Pet

• Children and teenagers may not Learn to do Homework
• Children and teenagers may not build skill with objects that do not also raise fun.
• Children and Teens may still be directed to Clean, Repair, and Cook.

Once a family pet becomes a Star, it provides some much needed entertainment to the household's youngsters. With their minds stimulated, they can finally focus on school work and learning. The Showbiz Pet restrictions are lifted.


Security Pet

• Sims may not sleep in a bed or on a couch with an Energy rating higher than 3. It is not that there are no comfy beds available, but that a Sim's paranoia interferes with getting a good night's sleep. Beds, chairs, and couches with Energy ratings higher than 3 may still be purchased and used, but not for sleeping.
o Infant and toddler Sims may still sleep in cribs; they are too young to know paranoia. Werewolf, Vampire, Zombie, Alien and Plant Sims can ignore this restriction, as they know intruders will be more afraid of them, than them of the of the intruders.
o Sims with a 10 body may ignore this restriction, as they know they can pummel any threats that may invade the house.
• If the Law Enforcement restriction is lifted, the Energy rating may be raised to 5, as Sims start to sleep a little bit better at night with the Sim police intact.
• To help comply with this restriction, you may sell and replace any bed with one of a different Energy rating. The new bed must be the same size as the old one, and in the exact same position.

Once a family pet is inducted to the Pet Corps, Sims begin to rid themselves of paranoia and get in the habit of sleeping soundly at night. The Service Pet restriction is lifted.



• Sims may not sell fresh food grown on the lot.
• You may still do the selling and re-buying of the fridge while the life of crime restriction is still in place, but may NOT do so once it is lifted, so be careful about lifting Life of Crime before you have secured another means to acquire food.
• You may not buy pets from pet stores (player run or community) or other Sims.
• Your Sims may not start their own business or purchase community lots.
• Sims may not purchase vacation homes.
• You may not sell items via the buy or build tab. (You may still sell build mode items, such as walls and stairs.)
• Your Sims may not use the Sell interaction with objects (such as completed paintings, or workbench items)
o Your Sims ARE allowed to finish writing novels and collect the royalties.
• Your Sims may not hire Service Sims of any kind, nor secure the services of the Gypsy Matchmaker.
• You may not Invite Headmaster to get Sims into private school.
• Only Sims currently working in the Business career field may use the Execuputter.
• Due to broken supply chains, Sims cannot use any crafting benches (Flower Arranging, Toycrafting, Robotics). Items crafted in college may be brought back. Flowers and robots must be kept in inventory until their respective restriction is unlocked.

Once an economic leader from the family rebuilds the economic structure of the region, the Business restrictions are lifted. In addition, the Open/Closed sign may be purchased and used from the Miscellaneous Decorative category. The old-style cash register may be purchased from the Electronics tab, even if these items are still restricted otherwise.


Law Enforcement

• You may not call the Pet Adoption Service to adopt or give up a pet.
• You may not call to report a lost pet.
• Your Sims may not purchase smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, burglar alarms or car alarms.
• Your Sims may not use the Emergency tab on the phones.
• Teenage and Elder Sims that have less than a 10 Body may not leave the lot for any reason, including going to work or community lots.
o Teens MUST have 10 Body points to go to College.
o Elders do not require 10 Body points to move out.
• Your Sims may not call the police to look for runaway teens.
• Only Sims in the Law Enforcement career field may use the Fingerprint Scanner.

Once a brave hero from the family emerges, the streets are cleaned up and order is restored, allowing police and firefighters to once again help people. The Law Enforcement restrictions are lifted. The smoke detector and burglar alarm may be purchased and used, even if the Science restriction has not been lifted.



• You may not give dogs a bath.
• You may not purchase or use the litter box.
• Showers and bathtubs of all types may not be purchased or used at home or on a community lot.
• Dish washers (both types) may not be purchased or used.
• Hot tubs and Water Wigglers are water items, and therefore restricted.
• Pools may not be built or used.
• Sims may not use medicine to become well.
• Whenever Sims Woohoo, they MUST choose Try for Baby. If Try for Baby is not an option, they may not Woohoo. (Unless the Sim is already pregnant, too old to get pregnant or the two Sims woohooing are the same gender.) This rule does apply to visiting female Sims aged Young Adult and Adult.
• You may not purchase or use the changing table.
• Sims may not purchase Vamprocillin-D, Lycanthropic-B, or Plantophic-C. (They may use it if they brought a bottle back from college.)
• Sims may not fish on the home lot; the water is too foul to catch anything alive.
• Only Sims currently employed in the Medical career may use the Surgical Dummy

Once a leader in the medical field emerges from the family and leads the Red Cross restoration effort, clean running water is restored to the region. Supplies of medicine and contraceptives are now available to the people who need it. The Medical restrictions are lifted.



• Sims may not purchase or use anything from the Ovens or Small Appliance category except for the cheapest grill.
• You may only prepare food once per sim day. Once any Sim has prepared food, no other may do so for the rest of the day. A Sim making a one-serving meal counts. (An easy way to keep track of this restriction is to turn the fridge backwards after a Sim has taken food from it, and keeping it that way until midnight)
• Filling any pet food bowl, the womrat cage, or bird cage counts against the family's "one meal per day" limit.
• Sims pulling out baby bottles does NOT count against this limit and may be done as many times per day as needed.
• Sims may not Give Treats to pets.
• Sims may grill whole fish from inventory.
• Sims may not prepare Gelatin.
• Sims may not purchase or use the Juicer.
• Sims may not stock fresh food in the fridge.
• Sims may NOT store leftovers.
• Sims may not prepare food on community lots
• Sims may not eat at restaurants on community lots.
• You may not use the Delivery menu on the phone to order Pizza or Chinese food.
• Sims may not purchase prepared food from community lots (such as pre-made cakes from a bakery).
• Sims may not hold food in inventory.
• Sims may not flag any food item as "for sale" with the wholesale tool.
• Sims may not purchase or use birthday cakes, wedding cakes, the bakery display case or any catering buffet tables.
• Only Sims in the Culinary career track can make use of the Chocolate Maker.

Once a Culinary master emerges from the household, new ways are invented to preserve food. Sims learn better ways to cook the artificial food and how to rewire home appliances so they can be used again. They also open up supply chains to coffee growers. All Culinary restrictions are lifted.


Life of Crime

Life of Crime, Method I

• Once per week, by midnight, your Sims must sell off all replaceable items on their lot and in their inventory, and replace them with exact same item. The "Protection Money" is the loss of depreciation. You must do this weekly, starting 7 days after you begin the lot. You do not have to do this on the first day.
• A "Replaceable item" is any item that can be purchased in the buy menu.
• If you do not have enough money to replace all of your items, you must buy back as many as you can. You must pay protection on items, even if you can't use them yet.
• You do not have to replace any items that are worth $100 retail ($40 fully depreciated) or less, as the mob doesn't care about small stuff like that.
• Only members currently in the Life of Crime career may use the Lie Finder object.
• Because the mob controls the remaining production centers, they don’t take kindly to the family having too many crafted items. You may have only 1 crafted item of each type (from the toy workbench, robot bench and flower bench) on the lot or in inventory at a time.
• If the Paranormal restriction is unlocked, you do not have to sell off and rebuy the beds.

Life of Crime, Method II
If you find the replacing of items on the lot for the Life of Crime restriction annoying, you may follow this alternative method.

• On a piece of paper, keep a running total of the retail (not fully depreciated) value of all replaceable objects in the house.
• Objects under $100, refrigerators, and objects that have been in sims' inventories or marked for sale for the entire week do not need to be included in this total.
• Once per week, pay 60% of this total using the family funds cheat.
• Sell and rebuy your fridge as normal (to replenish the food).
• If you do not have enough funds to pay the entire bill, you must use method #1
• When you add new Buy Mode objects over $100 to the lot, add their retail value to your total.
• Right after you pay protection, you may throw objects into inventory or mark them for sale. (Provided you can lift them and have room). Subtract the value of any objects over $100 from your running total if you stash them in inventory or mark them for sale.
• Objects put into inventory or marked for sale mid-week still need to have protection paid on them for that week.
• If you bring objects out of inventory or remove their "for sale" status mid-week, you must pay protection on them at the end of the week.
• If the Paranormal restriction is unlocked, you do not have to factor the value of beds.
• Because the mob controls the remaining production centers, they don’t take kindly to the family having too many crafted items. You may have only 1 crafted item of each type (from the toy bench, robot bench and flower bench) on the lot or in inventory at a time.

Life of Crime, Method III
• Every Sunday at midnight you must pay the mob protection.
• The amount you must pay starts at $150 and increases by $150 per week. So $150 must be paid the first week, $300 the second week, $450 the third and so on.
• You may sell/re-buy your fridge once per week to refill it with food, so your family doesn't starve.
• You may still do the selling and re-buying of the fridge while the life of crime restriction is still in place, but may NOT do so once it is lifted, so be careful about lifting life of crime before you have secured another means to acquire food.
• If any household Sim, regardless of age, is employed in the Life of Crime career field, the family still continues to pay protection every Sunday, but the dollar amount does not increase for the next week. (For example, if the family pays $900 on Sunday and later that week, a Sim gets a job in the life of crime field, the family would only have to pay $900 next Sunday, rather than $1,050 they would normally pay, had nobody in the family been in life of crime.)
• For Sims at college (other than the founder) they must pay a flat $600 per semester, right after they receive their grade and tuition grant. This amount paid is independent on how much the family has to pay each week and does not change how much the family has to pay once the Sim returns from college. The $600 is per Sim. Keep that in mind if you have more than one Sim going to college at the same time.
• You may still use the Family_funds cheat to pay the protection money.
• Because the mob controls the remaining production centers, they don’t take kindly to the family having too many crafted items. You may have only 1 crafted item of each type (from the toy bench, robot bench and flower bench) on the lot or in inventory at a time.

The first household member to rise to the top of the underworld becomes part of the "family". While the household does not get a cut of the profits, they no longer have to pay any protection money. The Life of Crime restriction is lifted.



• Sims may not travel to any community lots.
• Sims may not go on Vacation.
• You may not invite over any Sims with two exceptions:
o Sims may invite over other Sims they are have red hearts with, or are engaged to. (True love knows no fear.)
o If your Sim owns a car (and has it placed on a driveway on the lot), you may also invite over Sims your Sim is best friends with. (Your Sim spins by and picks the buddies up.)
• These restrictions also apply to Parties, Outings and Dates if they are available.
• You may still hail and socialize with walk-bys as normal.
• Sims may not be sent off to college.
• Teenage Sims may not Ask Permission to Go Out or Sneak Out
• Sims may not Find Own Place or otherwise move out of the house.
• Only Sims currently in the military can use the Obstacle Course object.

Once a brave general from the family leads the local National Guard in a strike force against the zombie hordes, the streets will become safe to travel again and the Military restriction is lifted.


• Any item that takes up more than one square may not be moved or placed back into inventory once placed on the lot, with one exception.
o Items received as Date or Outing Rewards may be placed into inventory or moved one time, even if they are larger than 1 square.
• Sims may not restock items, or delete out-of-stock items larger than one square.
o Items that have spaces beyond their actual footprint do not count as multi-square objects. The single square dresser and single square clothing rack, despite having space requirements around them, only count as single space items.
• Sims may not sell Buy Mode objects that are larger than 1 square. (You may still move and delete Build Mode objects, regardless of size.)
• Gym equipment may not be purchased or used.
• Sims may not perform the Leap in Arms interaction.
• Sims may carry no more than 3 items in their inventory.
o Earned, but not placed, career reward objects do not count against this inventory limit.
o If a spouse moves in with an inventory larger than 3 items, you must downsize it immediately upon their moving in.
o The Bon Voyage display shelving with items on it is counted as a single item in inventory.
• Sims may not vacation in the mountains because they don't have the fortitude to function in the mountain air.
• The Punching Bag may only be used by Sims currently in the Athletic career.

Once a Sim joins the Hall of Fame from the "Mutant League Football" arena, new training techniques are invented to overcome the muscle degeneration set in by the disaster. All Athletic restrictions are lifted.



• Sims may not use vacation days.
• Sims may not go on Vacation to any of the Vacation destinations unless they quit their jobs.
• Sims who miss a SINGLE day of work for any reason (including pregnancy) must quit their jobs. (If pregnant Sims are lucky enough to have 2 days off in a row and they time their 2nd and 3rd days of pregnancy on those, they can keep their jobs.)
• If Sims lose employment in a career for any reason (quitting or being fired) they may never take a job in that career again. This cross-applies to teenage, adult and elder careers. (For example, Sims who are fired or quit from a job in the Science career as teenagers may never take another job in the Science career, even after they become adults or elders.)
• Elders may not retire, they must quit if they wish to stop working.
• You may not ignore chance cards; you MUST select one of the two options.
• You may not call the Garden Club while the restriction is in place. Nobody has the free time enough to form a garden club while businesses demand long hours.
• Only those in the Slacker career may use the Hydroponic Garden reward object.
• All of the slacker rules apply to Pet careers as well.

Once a Sim from the family becomes a Professional Party Guest, a huge party is hosted with all the leaders of industry in attendance. Little do they know that the federal labor enforcement agents have also been invited. Confronted by the federal agents, the labor leaders agree to follow the proper labor laws. The Slacker restrictions are lifted.



• Sims may not purchase or use anything from the Electronics category except for a single computer, a single phone, and a single boombox (the $99 one).
• The one computer you are allowed is nothing more than a typewriter. You may only use the computer to Write Novel or Write Term Paper. (If Sims autonomously play games just cancel the action.)
• Personal electronics (cell phone, handheld game, MP3 player) may not be bought. The founder may keep and use personal electronics if they bought them in college. They may not give these to other Sims and must take them to the grave (the batteries die).
• Sims may not purchase robots, including Servos. Servos may not be activated.
• Sims may not go on Vacation because the instruments at the airports are non-functional.
• Sims may not use non-compost fertilizer.
• You may not use the Spray command on plants, trees, or roaches; the spray needs to be reinvented.
• You may not call the exterminator (also requires Business to hire Service Sim).
• Sims may not purchase or use the "Non-Deadly" Robot Crafting Station.
• Sims may not purchase or use anything from the Lights category.
• Sims may not Take Picture.
• Sims may not purchase or use the trash compactor, electric guitar or bass.
• Only Sims in the Science career track may use the Biotech Station.

Once a great scientist emerges from the family, the knowledge of known technologies is restored to the area, so the gizmos may be produced again. The power grid is repaired enough to use these gizmos and gadgets in the house. There is also a breakthrough in technology, the invention of something that mirrors technology gained from the aliens. You may choose 1 type of Aspiration Reward object. Any Sim may now buy and use that one type of aspiration reward, even if you haven't lifted the Alien Technology restriction. Only the Sim that lifts the Science Restriction may invent one Aspiration Reward. Other Sims reaching the top of the Science career will not invent additional Aspiration Rewards.



• Sims’ houses may not occupy any larger than an 8X8 area, the rest of the lot must be unused.
• You may not place any items outside of this 8X8 area, nor modify tiles outside of it.
• The trash can, mailbox, sidewalk tiles, delivered newspapers and bills do not count for this restriction. They don’t need to be in the 8X8 area.
• The 8X8 area may be anywhere on the lot, but once designated may not be moved.
• Items dropped off from Dates and Outings may remain outside the 8X8 area. If the items are moved, they must be placed in inventory or within the 8X8 area.
• If a Sim dies outside the 8x8 area, you can leave the tombstone where it is. If you do pick it up and move it, it has to be within the 8x8 area.
• Sims may extend the house underground within the 8X8 area.
• Sims may build upwards, as long as the higher floors do not hang outside the 8X8 area.
• You may use the setHighestAllowedLevel cheat to build as tall as you like.
• Sims may not perform influence actions.
• Sims may not vacation in the far east due to all the red tape.
• Only Sims currently in the Politics career may use the Teleprompter podium.

After a great political leader emerges from the family and takes over the office of Mayor, political corruption is cleaned up. Building supplies from other parts of the country are shipped in and distributed to those who need it. The corrupt ‘housing permit’ laws are repealed. The prestige and notoriety gained by the family allows them to sway the actions others, who see everybody from the family as a leader. The Political restrictions are lifted.



• No items from the Wall Hanging, Sculpture or Rugs tabs may be purchased or placed.
• No items that build Creativity may be purchased or used except for the computer. (The Lie Finder, Bookcase of Education, Rock Hammer and the Hydroponic Garden may be used if they are otherwise unrestricted.)
• Only Sims currently in the Artist career may use the Camera.
• Having a Sim at the top of the Music career will temporarily suppress the Artist restriction. However to permanently lift the restriction, a Sim must reach the top of the Artist career.
• Only the original Rock God (who lifted Music) can suppress Artist.
• Once the Rock God has died or lost/quit his job, all non career reward items that teach creativity need to be removed or placed where they can't be used any longer. You can still leave up any art that you created/purchased.
• Old boots, fish and maps are not 'art', and may be placed/displayed on the lot.

Once a great Artist is produced from the family, a wave of culture is set off and art and music return to people’s minds. The Artist restrictions are lifted.



• Sims may not plead with the Grim Reaper.
• A Sim’s grave or urn may not be moved from the place it initially appears.
• Graves and urns may not be sold, even if a sim has smashed them.
• Graves and urns may not be placed into inventory.
• Only Sims in the Paranormal career may use the Resurrect-o-Nomitron.
• Sims may not use the Wishing Well or Voodoo Doll.
• Sims may not use the Spiritual Shrine of Odd Blessings or Temple of Jumbok IV
• Bon Voyage display racks with special properties may not be placed.

Once a Sim from the household heads up a cult, they begin to perform rituals to calm down the angry spirits. With the spirits of the dead calmed, the Reaper can take a much needed vacation and is much more willing to bargain with Sims upon his return. The Paranormal restrictions are lifted. In addition, you do not have to sell and replace beds for the Life of Crime restriction, as the cult leader has convinced the mob that doing so will anger the spirits. Graves may moved to any spot on the lot, even if the Political restriction has not been lifted. The special police of the mayor do not dare interrupt the cult’s funeral rituals.


Natural Science

• You may not place any landscaping items (flowers, bushes, trees).
• You may not alter the ground color.
• You may not buy or place any items from the Plants tab.
• The family house must be on a dirt or desert landscape.
• Other than the founder, the colleges Sims attend must be on a desert or dirt tileset.
• You may not plant the Cow Plant.
• You may not use Hydroponic Garden career reward object (from the Slacker career).
• You may not purchase or use the wedding arch.
• You may still dig for treasure.
• You may not plant fruit bearing trees or garden vegetables.
• You may not buy or place the composting bin.
• Sims may not join the garden club.
• Chef Salads may not be cooked, ordered at restaurants, or bought pre-made.
• You may not order groceries for delivery via the phone or computer.
• Any flowers received as Date Rewards must be placed into inventory or sold by midnight.
• Sims may not buy or use the flower-arranging bench, nor any of the flowers it produces.
• Sims may not use the water tool from the landscaping menu.
• Houses MUST be built on a foundation/deck and/or be built on pillars. (You may still have objects on the ground, but walls may not be placed on the ground level.)

Once a brilliant Natural Scientist emerges from the family, a plant serum is invented that lets plants use toxic ash as fertilizer without making the plant itself toxic. With this serum in wide supply, the region begins to return to life. Food can actually be grown again and people can have lawns. With plants once again anchoring the soil, the raging dust storms cease and the sky can once again be seen. All Natural Science restrictions are lifted.


Show Business

• Sims may only use the Practice Speech or Practice Romance interactions on mirrors
• Sims may not purchase or use anything from the Wardrobe tab.
• Sims may not purchase perfume or the Love Potion 8.5
• Sims may not throw parties of any kind.
• Sims may not have Outings, casual or scored.
• Sims may not go on scored dates. (They may still invite other Sims over for romantic interactions, but it won’t be scored as a date.)
• Sims may not purchase or use the stylist’s makeover chair.
• The Diva and Mr. Big NPCs may not be moved into the house for any reason.
• The Show Business career reward object may only be used by Sims currently in that career track.

Once a Sim from the house rises to superstar, they unleash their show, "Stylish Eye for the Zombie Guy" on the world. The Sims of the region, seeing radiated zombies shambling around looking 10 times better than them, gain a renewed interest in appearances. The profits from the show are used to bring fresh supplies of cosmetics, hair care products and stylish clothing to the region. "Fallout Wear" becomes a new trend across the country. Once Sims have bought their new threads and gotten all gussied up, they are once again confident enough to organize social gatherings and show off their new looks. Even some members of the social elite decide to return. All Show Business restrictions are lifted.


Alien Technology

• Sims may not purchase any Aspiration Reward objects.
• If the founder brings a Reward object back from college in inventory, you may use it. You must delete this object once its special ability is used up (This includes the Love Tub, which must be deleted when the candles go out.)

This restriction can be lifted in one of two ways:

• It is lifted if a Sim is abducted by aliens. The Sim abducted may be any age and of either gender. The abduction does not have to result in an alien pregnancy.
• It is also lifted if a Sim who is a Top Secret Researcher or Mad Scientist goes to work with a satellite in their inventory. This satellite must originate from the family's lot.

You do NOT have to lift this restriction in order to complete the challenge. Also, a Sim fulfilling this restriction can still fulfill one of the main 20.

Once the Alien Technology is back in the family’s hands, either given to them by the aliens or reverse-engineered from a crashed space craft, they can once again gain benefits from it.


Back to normal

The skies clear, the zombies are gone. The power plants are repaired and life returns to normal. The family stands as a testament to a Sim’s will and ability to survive. The whole city owes a great debt of gratitude to the host of leaders and heroes that have emerged from the family. Congratulations!

Your score is the total number of days that have passed since your founder returned from college. Even if you didn’t keep score, it’s impressive that you completed the challenge!

Want an even harder challenge? Try this challenge again, except start your founder as an Adult.



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